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Julianne Aerhee

It was within the four sacred walls of a dance studio that Julianne first found her voice - she felt that her body could express what words could not. A former professional dancer and current E-RYT 200, Julianne completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training at Bala Vinyasa Yoga in 2013 and her second 200-hour training with mentor Jason Lawner and the Fluidus Method in 2017. Diving deeper into the idea of yoga as movement therapy and with a bigger passion for sharing her practice, she co-founded The Inspired Life Teacher Training. With a double bachelor of science in Communication and Psychology and a minor in Exercise Physiology, this sacred practice is a culmination of all that she is, woven with multiple schools of thought. Julianne loves the practice of yoga because it is an opportunity to get intimate with yourself, to show up as you are, to explore with courage, to feel and to have an experience of you as youthrough the vehicle of your body. It’s through her practice that Julianne experiences the magic that exists within each and every moment and the home that is inside of her breath.


Izzy Leon

Izzy is a certified RYT 200 certified yoga instructor. He strives to help his students connect with themselves through the profound power of breath and movement. He aims to encourage body awareness, agility, and strength that is created by the power that comes from mindfulness. Izzy feels that yoga has definitely inspired him to a renewed patience in himself and others. His personal practice has opened himself up new possibilities in his life. Izzy's classes are powerful and challenging and most important they are fun and all his students can tap into their fullest potential. What makes yoga feel like home is all about the community and the people we surround ourselves with. Although we are each going through our own journey on our way we do it together as a community. This experience and sense of family is what makes practicing yoga feel like home.


Jenaia Farah

Jenaia, turned to yoga in 2010 to recover from a running related injury. She quickly discovered and became enamored with the physical and mental benefits of yoga, which include strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, and improving mental focus. Coming from a dance background, she is extremely passionate about mindful movement and how it opens up awareness in other elements of her life – helping others achieve this as well brings her a tremendous amount of joy. In 2014, she became a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certified instructor and has since completed a Yoga for Athletes Certification with Kiersten Mooney and a Yogalete training with Lizzy Chiappy. By December of 2018, she will complete her additional 300 hours of training and will be a RYT 500 certified instructor.


Cassie Kitcoff

Cassie began teaching yoga in 2013 after developing a yoga practice that complemented her professional dancing. Initially drawn to the physicality of the practice, she was fascinated by what the body was capable of. Through continual practice, she found the greatest transformation came from learning how to breathe fully and cultivate a deeper understanding of herself. She is a RYT 200 certified instructor. She has completed two trainings in Restorative Yoga and training on the Therapeutic Benefits for Yoga for Parkinson’s and Other Neuro-Motor Degenerative Diseases. Inspired by the accessibility of yoga as a tool for healing, she envisions a world where people are connected through movement and empowered to manifest their greatest lives.


Virginia Ansaldi

Virginia Ansaldi is a RYT 500 certified instructor with over 1,000 hours of teaching experience in a vast variety of settings including: jails, prisons, schools, parks, rooftops, beaches, gyms, and yoga studios. She loves to teach yoga precisely because of that. Yoga is versatile. Every time she steps on her mat it’s different, and this quality reminds her of life. Everyday can be different because every moment can be different, but to experience how one moment can be so totally different from the next, you have to be “in” the moments as they come. This is what feels like home about yoga: “being” in the moment.


Sam Cabrera

Sam Cabrera is a RYT 200 certified instructor who is in the process of completing her 300-hour yoga certification. She has apprenticed two 200-hour teacher trainings and has completed the Yogalete Intensive Training. Yoga has made the biggest difference in her life. Sam’s goal is to provide that opportunity for her students. She teaches to encourage people to see the light in yoga. Sam practices yoga to ground herself. She believes if we take the time to take care of ourselves, we can better serve our community. Every time Sam steps onto her mat she feels a sensitization of home. She feels grounded and connected to the people around her.


Hilary Bone

Hilary grew up always expressing herself through her body. From gymnastics, dance, circus, and yoga — she has always felt best while moving. Her teaching style is reflective of her fluid movement background, emphasizing the importance of the body’s intelligence to express itself organically through body sensations. She holds space for students to acknowledge what is showing up and to fully embrace it.

She believes moving your body is essential to a healthy and happy life. With Hilary your practice will include intentional restorative poses and pranayama exercises to compliment your physical energetic release, always exploring our own balance between movement and rest. Her vision is to help bring ease to your body, mind, and spirit through your personal experiences on your mat.


Jil Deviscour

Jil’s eight years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer made her transition to yoga teacher seamless. Four years ago she participated in her first yoga class and immediately jumped into her 200-hour teacher training two weeks later. Needless to say, she fell in love with the practice, with how it makes her body feel and with all the new knowledge she gained not just for herself, but also for her students. Jil is also certified to teach pre- and post-natal yoga.


Gabriella Bhatia

Leaning on her foundation of classical dance, Gabriella's style of yoga focuses on stability through fluid and powerful postures. Her curiosity for movement started at a very young age and became her career. She received her BFA in Dance from New World School of the Arts. She is a RYT 500 certified yoga teacher who is extremely passionate about movement therapy and believes what the physical accomplishes the mind follows.


Laurie Cassidy

Laurie Cassidy is a RYT 200 certified yoga teacher who has been teaching for over 2 years. Yoga brings Laurie within herself and into the presence. She loves the feeling of breath, of the movement and the heat that comes from her practice. She teaches with the intention of presence, giving students the chance to be in the moment and to challenge themselves to see what can unfold. She is also Yogalete certified to teach yoga for athletes and is Baptiste Level One certified.


Ashley Marley

Ashley Marley is a Baptiste certified RYT 500 certified instructor. Her favorite aspect about teaching yoga is getting to witness transformation in her student’s practices and ultimately in their lives. Ashley practices yoga to get grounded and to attempt to stay sane while balancing work, kids and life. “Yoga is home. Yoga is where I can let everything go and simply be in my body breathing.”


Anjane Girwarr

Anjane is a RYT 200 certified yoga teacher with a fascination for the foundation of breath work. As a professional instructor of voice, she felt the similarities of home from both her passions. She loves the necessity and beauty in communication, trust, and connection that Acro yoga brings into her practice. Anjane’s goal is to create an environment for students to explore the balance of physical and spiritual journeys of yoga on and off their mats, as it does for me.


Megan Eastman

Megan is a E-RYT 500 certified yoga teacher and Pilates instructor. She has been teaching yoga since 2010 and leading yoga teacher trainings all over South FL since 2014. Megan loves teaching yoga because it keeps her grounded and growing.


Dawn Le-Walters

Dawn began her yoga journey in 2008. When she stumbled upon yoga, she fell in love with the ability to connect the body mind and soul. She received her first 200 RYT in Virginia Beach, VA in 2012 and her second 200 RYT in 2015 in Miami, FL. She enjoys connecting with her students through her teaching- her favorite styles include Vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga.


Wally Layland

Wally is RYT-200, and she got her yoga teacher certification in Costa Rica. She is also certified in yoga for athletes through Yogalete. Wally loves to teach yoga because it has helped her heal so much in her life and wanted to be able to share that with others. She loves practicing because it is so mentally and physically therapeutic (while also still a challenge), and is a chance to just breathe. Yoga feels like home to her because of the calmness it brings to her life, and connecting with other yogi's in the community.


Ali Kaplan

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Martha Wamil

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Nick Cherup

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