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we bring the heat.

We are proud to offer infrared heating in our studio! Infrared heating raises the temperature of your body by directly warming the muscles much faster than forced air heating systems.

we teach from the heart.

The Casa Vinyasa family is a group of dedicated and passionate individuals providing their home more than yoga. All of our instructors are 200-Hour Registered Yoga Instructors.

we empower leaders.

CONNECT. GROW. LEAD. This 200-Hour Teacher Training course will allow you to become a certified Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance. This training will empower you to live your best life.


$30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga

We believe that in order to support the growth of a student’s practice, an unlimited membership is key. We want to offer an affordable rate that gives new students ample time to create a consistent practice while integrating with the community. This rate is available to everyone - even our existing members!

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the founders

Lizzy Chiappy and Melissa Echevarria joined forces to create a studio that felt like home.

Lizzy, founder of Yogalete (a prescriptive yoga program for athletes) has been a prominent figure in Miami’s health & fitness industry since 2010. Lizzy is dedicated to guiding and growing teachers and students on their journey. 

Melissa, through her many trainings and yoga specialties, has taught yoga in Miami to top athletes & patient’s with Parkinson’s disease since 2014. Melissa is committed to showing her teachers and students their own greatness.


join the family

We are honored to invite you to join the Casa Vinyasa family! Check out our class schedule to jump in to class, attend an upcoming event or buy a membership…